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 MarloStanTrill said
Nah, im not saying they SHOULDnT check credit- Im saying maybe they should prequalify you before you can even start shopping for cars.

You wanna buy a car- you walk in they immediately run your credit, then TELL you what you can afford- rather than walk in- chat up a salesman, fall in love with a car i cant afford, do 2 hours of haggling and paperwork then go- OH your credit is bad

Gotta be a better way- as it is I refuse to deal with dealerships at all. My last 4 cars ncluding my current have been: craigslist, buys from family, and auction

I refuse to even play the game at a delaership period.
Well technically you can. Most dealerships now allow you to get approved online. You can also walk into a bank or credit union. Hell I got my approval through capital one and they sent me the check before I even walked into the dealership.