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Been in the business for a few years best advice I can give is to shop on the last day of the month. Every dealership has goals and if you walk in on the last day of the month I promise you will get a better deal. After going over pricing for a few minutes get up and walk out they will hop up and start cutting the price even more.
Know the value of your trade!!! Do a kelly blue book search and NADA because if you don't know you will get fu*ked!
The best advice I can give is go to put in the info on the car you want and true car will give you the dealers invoice price which is always thousands below the sticker price. True car will also give you the dealers hold back which is the money under invoice that the dealer has to hold back and still make a small profit. The best deal you can get at a dealer is to walk in with a print off from Truecar show the salesman after the test drive and let him know you want the invoice price and split the hold back amount with the dealer.