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 Qbert said
I don't agree. They way people have been getting away with their antics as time goes by keep getting exposed. Even on smaller levels like interpersonally in relationships. Not just politically. It's like the general consciousness is raising to the point that when people are doing their evil you don't know if they are for real or it's satire. That's how silly it has become, not even really about fear anymore. You know when someone is trying to shaft you so blatantly that you think they are kidding - but they are actually serious and think they have you fooled.

That sh*t is the worst - it's almost like they are so ignorant they think they can get out of any situation by saying any kind of foolishness that makes no sense.

That sh*t enrages me. Anyone else deal with that sh*t?

I think the public is becoming more aware to the way the elites have been pulling the wool over our eyes for centuries.

We are evolving and they are not. Meaning that will come to a point of ultimate separation then do away with the not evolved ones. They had their time.
While i agree with you, money always talks and that runs this world..sure they will make examples out of people but the elite get away with alot more and will continue to because of paper.