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Slapped because as a fan of the falcons for well over 20years minus Vick we have never done right on qbs because we are a middle of the pack team record wise. 9 and 7 ainít getting you a sb winning qb. Pitts ainít helpin the falcons win a Super Bowl , jump off the hype train. Matt ryan has all the weapons and still canít get it done ... thatís the story anyone else tell you diff is a casual or has never watched the falcons.

You over look the fact that in Matt Ryan's entire 13 year career the falcons have only ranked inside the top 20 in defense 2 times and for the majority of his career the oline has been bad....last year the oline, defense and running game was awful.....Matt Ryan is the most successful Qb in falcons history....

Matt Ryan has never been the falcons problem.... Ryan is good enough to win a super bowl with the right team.... Atlanta just never is the right team and always draft duds on defense