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Happy Prince Oberyn Martell Day!



Even though celebrities such as Alan Cummin, Stephanie Beatriz and Lili Reinhart are doing much to raise awareness around bis*xuality, there is still a long way to go.

Plenty of misconceptions still exist, making Bi Visibility Day – on 23 September – so important. Sam Neath a trustee for Pride in Gloucestershire, says: “[It’s] a really good opportunity to hear from bis*xual people, for them to be visible, to be seen, to share their own stories, and use it as a massive education piece for wider society as well – to try and bust some of those myths that unfortunately still exist around bis*xuality.”

As someone who is bis*xual, Neath finds the concept “really, really simple – being attracted to human beings and to individuals as people rather than any particular gender”, but she accepts some people might find it harder to wrap their heads around – and a lot of this is down to “a lack of education”, she says.

This Bi Visibility Day, it’s time to dispel some of the key myths once and for all

Myth one: ‘It’s just a phase’

Myth two: ‘Bis*xual people are promiscuous’

Myth three: ‘Bi people are very s*xual’

Myth four: ‘Bi people are only cisgender’

Myth five: ‘You have to have equal experience with both genders to be bi’

visit this link https://www.independent.c .. -b1925483.html