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 philly337 said
Durant dont play and embiid didnt either

For real with kd out kd should have got the first 2 picks to make it even (the extra pick to replace himself)

Bron and kd are considered 1a and 1b...well durant is out and then bron got first pick. So before durant even picked the team roster was giannis and bron vs...nobody
No he should Learn to pick better teams. Goofy sh*t. KD robbed us of Curry vs Dame by being a moron. Any BX 2021 user could picked a better team.

 Deuce2416 said
Yeah just looking over the rosters in the box score (didn’t watch the game) my first thought was “who the fu*k picked these teams?!”

sh*t was lopsided as hell, I’m surprised the game was even this close.
Future Worse GM of the league. KD.