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 Chief Dee said
When Karl Malone and Gary Payton joined the Lakers as old men, people were calling them a super team in 2003 and Kobe got clowned when that team lost. So let's not change narratives and claim that the 2021 Lakers arent a super team because they are "old".

Also, Lebron has spent practically a decade recruiting talent so why does his age matter? If Lebron, Russ, and Melo were all still in their 20's Lebron would still be recruiting them. It has never been about age, Lebron has been seeking easy chips for a decade.
I hear you on the first point, I donít think Kobe or Shaq should have got clowned for that 04 sh*t.

And to your second point, sorry dawg I just canít hold Bron to the fire for recruiting at 37. What are you expecting him to do dolo now?