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 strungout said
The carbs is what makes u tired in addition to the fat

But if he just ate the protein and fat by itself he'd be good

-former keto person
This what I ate except add a little cheese

That keto life got me feeling light

Today I diced a chicken brea*t put a little seasoning and a little hot sauce and pan fried it

sh*t was good, I been looking up more keto recipes to switch it up a little but my day usually consist of beef jerky as a snack, bacon and eggs for breakfast and either something home cooked like a chicken brea*t, or Wendy's double stack no bun. Recently found out a mexican spot where i use to get tacos sells some good a*s grilled chicken.

Keto diet k*lled my sugar addiction. Replace all sodas with topo chico or something similar.