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 SweezyDeuce said
im innocent, im imprisoned, my rights blah blah blah. youre a sucker.

he murdered people, fu*k him and his so called redemption. hes a lying **** in his own right. rot in p*ss with him my dude.
I'm glad I gave you enough rope to hang yourself. Now, I can say for sure that you are a full on white supremacist. It's typical of you white supremacist to always put guilty labels on black males, even if there is no 100% substantial evidence proving guilt. Even if a black man is found "not guilty," such as OJ, it's always white supremacist like yourself that will always stamp them with a "guilty" label. It's so hypocritical, especially when you come from a lineage of people known for robbing and murdering people. You white supremacist have a lot of nerve.