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 justin747 said
I don't understand the underlined, but a tablet is meant to be a tablet aka a big a*s phone.

If you need file management and more technical uses, you'd be better off getting a laptop. You're just gonna frustrate yourself with the tablet OS limitations, and the prices aren't much different between the iPad and the Air.
No the biggest complaint about file management is you just get a spinning circle or thing that let's you know the transfer is in progress. It doesn't tell you when it will be finished and even worse if the file has stop transferring due to failure you have no idea of as you only get that same transfer circle.

Is my first iPad so don't know how it works exactly but have seen Apple mostly users (on YouTube) say this is the absolute worst thing about the iPad and wish Apple would fix it. I don't think is much to ask and it seems Apple is purposely doing this so customers of iPad will have more need for the MacBook.

Why limit a product if that's the case.

And also they have to have plans to take advantage of the M1 chip especially if you buy the one with 16 gigs of ram. If they fail to do so then people paid an extra 600 bucks to get the same performance as the base model.

Talk about finessing. Holy sh*t


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