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I mean maybe.

The reality is there’s only a couple players you can throw in the court and regardless they’re going to lead their team to victory more often than not, regardless of who’s around them.

I’d say LeBron, Curry are really the only guys. Outside of them, I’d put Jokic, Giannis, Luka, Harden, and Cp3. Then you have guys who aren’t THE system, but in any system are deadly as fu*k, as in they LOOK like the best players in the game even if they don’t win. I’d say that’s KD, Kawhi, Embiid, and AD are those guys. Basically a*sassins that don’t equal wins, but in the right system, they are the best players on the court and will win chips.

Then you got guys who are only top 10 in the right system (Butler, Westbrook, PG, Lillard). These guys without the right system aren’t going to be efficient.