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 OnlyFactz100 said
Yeah that still isn't on Bo or Freeway's level bruh. They were dealing with Colombians and Nicaraguans during the 80's where most of the big time connects were based. They were distributing metric tons all over the country and even supplying other big time dealers. Freeway for example has been quoted to have moved thousands a week and bringing in 3 mill every other day. At his height he was almost worth a billion...
it's a different ball game buddy when you getting bricks on CONSIGNMENT

as opposeed to having to pay upfront for them

the profit margin is way greater

Meech was getting those tons of Birds on credit from the Cartel

and his run was LONGER than Freeway who first started pushing weight with the nicaraguan/CIA plug in 1982 and ended when he first got knocked in 1990

Waterhead Bo's run was just as short from 1980 to 1988

while Meech had a 15 YEAR run as a multikilo distributing Kingpin for over 9 states

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