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 Jalen Hoes said
Mistake number one is trusting Joe Budden. Mistake number 2 is signing a contract you dont agree with. Mistake 3 overprojecting your value. Now they have the ability to make deals and market themselves leys see what they do with it. Maybe Rory can call Elliot up again..
the agreed to the contract, percentage of profit fluctuates... the needled moved more than they were privy to. Thats why i said it was flawed from gate with them even having to request info from "his people" if they are in a percentage based contract... all the accounting documentation should have been just as accessible to them as it was to Joe.

n*gga was simply shortin n*ggas due to the fact they didn't check him on the bullsh*t from the jump. He kept sweepin it under a rug til the dirt was too much to hide.

You can't call me a partner, short me 400k or whatever, tell me you gonna fix it, meanwhile everyone else gettin raises and vacationing while i'm still not gettin a str8 answer on how did 400k or whatever i'm owed, became something i'm owed.

These n*ggas need to either throw hands like savages or finally have a grown man talk abt the sh*t, without the cheerleaders around helping sway the conversation.