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 Tweezy12 said
Luka had the better season....

Luka 28/8/8
Curry 31/5/5

Luka numbers are better...Luka carried his team to a better season....

Y'all will act like Dallas roster is so much better than Gsw....but it's not....Luka out their playing with bullsh*t to
It’s 32 PPG, leading the league

While getting a Box and 1 defense and Triple / Quadrupled teamed

But you know there are more stats besides points, rebounds and a*sists right?

Where does Luka beat Steph?

- Rebounds.

He’s taller and has like 50 lbs on him. So … ok, I guess.

- By three Assists per game.

Well he dominates that ball and runs a million P&Rs. So that’s nice.

- You know who leads the league in a*sists?
- You know who leads the league in Dunks?

Golden State …

Why do you think that is?

Otherwise, Steph crushes Luka in nearly every category.

And you are just completely wrong about the bolded.

Luka has two people on his team that have higher Win Shares per 48 than he does …

Three more people are right with him for the third highest.

Steph dwarfs every other qualified player on the team.

When you look at Win Shares accounting for teammates and competition - Steph is nearly 2X better than the closest person …

Lebron James - who missed half the year.

When Steph is off the floor the Warriors are one of the worst teams in history.

- You want to talk about stats?
- You want to talk about impact?

Check out the Real +/- and tell me what you see?

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