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 Nautilus O said
I respect that Ak admitted Joe could have fu*ked up

 Harasnart said
When did joe ever do his homework?

Itís a running joke with people in the industry like charlemagne. Joe will always fu*k it up
 set117 said
Ak is saying alot of dumb sh*t here. He is comparing a profit participation deal to being a paid employee at complex. Regardless if Joe owns the IP. AK is contradicting himself.
 garrywithtwors said
Man idk if any of this sh*t real or not. Who's right or not. But hearin Rory and Mal talk today fa sho gave me flashbacks of dealin with similar situations with people that were supposed to be tight with me. Even family. sh*t makes it to where you could NEVER look at the other person the same. Especially when they're given endless chances at redemption by simply explaining themselves but refusing to do so.

 TrillestTalk404 said
All I know is that I hope everyone that feels so bad for Mal and Rory tunes in to their "exciting" Mal and Rory podcast when it drops. Looking forward to Joe, Ish and Ice since they seem to bring more to the table and aren't on no corny sh*t like the guys they replaced
 Schavez98 said
My signed MM4 is fake?
 kami said
Thatís not what ak said or inferred.
 bibbyboi said
I took what Ak was saying more so as he fu*ked up giving them a profit participation deal because they weren't worth it.
 Schavez98 said
Itís hilarious that this was slapped. Iíma have to dig it up later. I canít remember who it was with.
 Toast2the said
Not against wu-tang

Updated with part 2 That Boy going down the entire interview Lol