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 OnlyFactz100 said
You're really going to say Horry got completely carried? No, Mark Madsen is a player who got carried. Like I said Horry wasn't completely riding coattails like that. You guys are discrediting him but you can't tell the full story of any of those championship runs without him. That's all I'm saying. Anybody who really watches bball would tell you the same.

My argument regarding Kerr is fair. Is he really a great coach like that? Somebody who had zero HC experience who inherited HOF players to win championships.

At least Horry contributed more than Kerr did as a player.
Never said Kerr was a great coach but if he get in the hall it would be as a player and yes Robert horry did completely carried he made one shot shaq Kobe Duncan Robinson did the heavy lifting he donít get a shot if those guys not on the court he was a role player not a main guy itís the hall of fame the place where the best players to ever play go is Robert horry one of the best players to ever play or is he the best role player to ever play hall n*ggas need to stop