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 rapper10 said
naw it was him too. about like 7 different wreslters said the same thing.

and sh*t n*gga i den worked out in my clothes and not washed them for about 3 or 4 days and it still did not smell that bad.

and this is coming from a n*gga.

a n*gga who has a stomach diease which causes bad breathe. which smells like gas.

but outside of that. i den put like 2 hours and 4 horus a of excerise in at the gym. walking 1 hour to the gym and 1 horu back. and then

working out at home with the same clothes.

2.and be having swamp a*s..

3. but far as body odor. clothes will still be fine unless like you said don't wash it for 15 days.

but folks would say it;'s just not that sweat smell or dirty clothes.

they said he smelt like throw up,sh*t,sweat,pee and some of the most offensive odor.

they said cody rhodes father was so trifflin. he would go to the bathroom in the ring. and some of the talent would smell it. and be digsuted.

i8t's like if the n*gga is that nasty.

he needs to stop eating before matches. or clean out his system and fast.
You would have to provide proof of someone specifically mentioning his hygiene.

Every wrestler Iíve ever heard, including this Godfather one always referenced his gear. You talking 3-4 day, Vader would go months sometimes years with out washing.

It was due to him being superstitious.