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 MulaAve said
Besides the smaller market cap, why do you believe ALGO has more potential than ADA?

Explain what's so good about its tech
Transaction speeds are FAST (mine take around 5 seconds) and cost .001 ALGO (fraction of a penny at current cost). The Gas fees are ridiculous with ETH and it takes too long, same with BTC. There's also a very small carbon footprint with ALGO unlike BTC.

BTC and ETH have been extremely successful because of their first mover advantages in a space that's still in its infancy. At the end of the day this is all technology and you can look at the history of tech and it always advances no matter what it is. There will be another crypto, or possibly some new completely different 'asset', that replaces the current leaders.

I'm really betting on the team at the end of the day. I think the founder behind ALGO and the team around it know what they're doing. They've proven that in the past and the have the money to back them.