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 datVAkid said
n*gga if you have an American citizenship you're American

If you are an ados, you are an African American.
You mean US citizenship.

Thats that geopolitical nationalist bullsh*t. And its a made up hodgepodge. as people we must determine our own destiny and define our own selves.. we only became African-American a couple decades ago.

We was n*ggas, coloureds and negros what shall we call ourselves. For sure not American a name that has debatable origins and is the name of our now then colonialist now imperialist masters African American is literally a co opt word of two different continents.. whites arent called Euro Or Anglo Americans..

We P.O.Ws dun our ancestors didnt chose this sh*t or die for a nationality that subjugated them..

Im starting to notice alot of you ADOS FBA n*ggas is just die Hard Yankee Patriots with a dark chocolate exterior..

Btw. Geopolitically the Carribeans Bahamas Chile to Canada is technically America. Look up the American States.