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 JimmyDa3rd said
Each to their own and i'm a*suming you a grown man so you can give a fuc or not about what you want to my n*gga, Personally though i never travelled growing up but i've always been a book worm (from jail but i digress lol)_ so when i got enough money to and got my passport i've never stopped, sh*t opened my eyes too a lot, i frequent mostly the carribeans and Africa and it was beautiful to see how African American culture has influenced many of blac cultures and also the history those other countries have and how it shaped our culture as African-Americans.

ive been traveling since i was a kid

if youve been to the Caribbean multiple times like i have then you would have noticed that the natives do not possess power or wealth

they are the ones who have to stand by a rock and wait for the $2 jitney to pull up to take them to theyre job catering to tourists

the only time ive seen a native on a yacht is if theyre apart of the staff

but but but then when yall escape and come to America where you can make real money, yall criticize and talk sh*t about the people who f*ght and die so you can have that equal opportunity to make real money