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 Bam Bam said
But why should African Americans give a fu*k if "blac culture" which doesn't exist by the way doesn't stop or start with us?

Why are African Americans the only black group that are told to disregard their ethnic heritage and embrace empty, blanket blackness?

Guess what though n*gga. African American culture starts and stops with African Americans.
Each to their own and i'm a*suming you a grown man so you can give a fuc or not about what you want to my n*gga, Personally though i never travelled growing up but i've always been a book worm (from jail but i digress lol)_ so when i got enough money to and got my passport i've never stopped, sh*t opened my eyes too a lot, i frequent mostly the carribeans and Africa and it was beautiful to see how African American culture has influenced many of blac cultures and also the history those other countries have and how it shaped our culture as African-Americans.