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 Mike T said
I was in the Navy when a sailor from Air Department shot & k*lled one of our Weapons Department n*ggas.

in the Navy Air department & weapons department is like Lakers X Celtics. Its all respect & love but a historical rivalry naval heritage sh*t always us vs them in anything & everything.

The shooter was the nicest artist on the ship. He was popular for painting dope a*s customized logos & murals all over the ship.

This shooter created the logo for the door on the ship to my division's main office.

Our Gunner(a lieutenant) found that out. This n*gga instantly had people find tools to grind the paint off that (steel) door until it was bare & we had it repainted.

They got into an alcohol involved f*ght after the command Xmas party & homie couldn't take the L....

Its like my n*gga. Vets are 1% of the population, whatever made us walk into that office is our common thread. To go through all the sh*t we go through all the training. Then you're k*lled by the someone your supposed to go to war with if sh*t takes off & yall get orders

Tribalism at its finest. Humans will always find differences the classify them into groups because it's easier to deal with. n*ggas in the Navy beef with other Navy cats lol. Then Navy beefs with Army. Then military beefs with cops.

Nothing is sacred.