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Tim, Ian, and Lydia join tech journalist for Breitbart News and author Allum Bokhari to discuss what Biden might do with cryptocurrency.

Biden is DESTROYING The Economy

Alaska Airline SWATS Woman Over No Mask, FBI RAIDS Her House

Facebook's Fake Oversight Board Says BAN TRUMP, Upholds Censorship

Chauvin Lawyer Files To OVERTURN Trial Due To Juror Lying w/Kim Klacik

ARMED Antifa Militants Accost Portland Driver, Far Leftists Are Taking Control

CNN Accused Of STAGING Video of Coyote Smuggling Illegal Immigrants As Biden's Border Crisis Worsens

Tim Pool

In 2019 Vice, Pool's former employer, described him in separate articles as "lefty" and "progressive" for his anti-corporate politics, as well as "right-wing". He has described himself as a social liberal who supported Bernie Sanders in 2016. According to Politico, Pool's "views on issues including social media bias and immigration often align with conservatives".According to Al Jazeera, "Pool has amplified claims that conservative media endure persecution and bias at the hands of tech companies."[55] Prior to Occupy Wall Street, Pool sometimes described himself as being anti-authoritarian or "pro-transparency", but did not think of himself as being very political. On August 24, 2020, Pool announced his support for Donald Trump in the 2020 U.S. presidential election, writing that he felt alienated by changes he perceived in the modern left.

Pool tends to reject a left/right political framework for both self-description and in other contexts, instead preferring to divide the public into those who are "discerning" and "skeptical regarding legacy media" and those who are "undiscerning" and "uninitiated". He often discusses his impression that "the news is dying" and that it, as a result, tends to skew towards liberal and left-leaning audiences.
Iím not aTim Pool Stan, but this is certainly a talking point.

Check out all of the countries cracking down on Bitcoin and crypto, here: