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 iTzMe! said
This story makes no sense to me..

So China has their own space station? And this Chinese version of a Saturn-V rocket was orbiting it ? And why is it taking so long to reach the stations orbit or for re-entry to happen ?

I need answers. How sway, how?
yeah just like the russians used to have their own, "mir" back in the 90s. when funding got tight during the r*pe of russia in the 90s, they finally let it deorbit and burn up in 2001.

china's actually had a couple space stations but they were never meant to be long term, the last one de-orbited and made re-entry in 2019. this launch was the first part of a number of launches of modules to build out their new space station. this one is meant to be long term after their tests on the others. it's going to be about the same size as mir was. which is about 1/5th the size of the international space station.

because of the way their rocket is designed it's not controllable in it's re-entry which is why we basically don't know where it's going to re-enter at and what areas are at risk (low risk to humans, but still possible.) this actually happened almost exactly a year ago during one of their test runs. the rocket had an uncontrollable re-entry and debris rained over the ivory coast in africa in a populated area but luckily no one was harmed.

but yeah obviously it seems pretty stupid of the chinese to design a rocket that's so large it doesn't burn up on re-entry. they are strapped for cash and are spread thin on their investments on other projects so maybe that's why. but it would be nice if they designed a smaller rocket that can be controlled or a re-usable one like space x has developed. but that's a lot to ask of any country for the latter as it wasn't a reality until 5 years ago.