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May 7 - Info from the MTV X-box 360 special. Plus a picture of the X-box 360!

Well the MTV event already happend but they wont air it till next week, but that doesnt stop people that went there from spilling the beans. I found this on the Gaming-age forums here is a summary of what was shown:

In summary then.


* DVD burner
* tivo capabilities
* customization for your xbox (faceplates)
* wireless
* text messaging on XBL
* xbox live button on the controller that pops up a menu with live options

The Games :-

Perfect Dark Zero
* Playable
* 22 weapons, able to import your own body
* you can fly with a jetpack on the map
* counter strike feel
* invisibilty gun
* strapped to wall gun - shots people when they walked by.

A new Medal of Honor game
* Battlefield like

A new Ghost Recon game
* Ghost Recon 3 with some new HUD

A medieval rpg. Possibly Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Here is a pic :