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So is BMF the most Dangerous Gang in Detroit, Michigan, Columbus and Atlanta, Georgia

Los Angeles, California, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando Florida, St. Louis, Missouri, Greenville South Carolina and Louisville, Kentucky

Are these dudes that dangerous, I know that dude Meech who runs BMF just murdered Puffies cousin (wolf) a while back and some other dude that was rolling with him and beat the case

I been hearing so much about these dudes, seen some DVD’s with them n*ggaz stuntin and to tell you the truth, if yall know the street yall would know to get that big you have to work with the feds, I mean they gotta be snitching, that’s why they haven’t got pulled off the street so quick, but because they comfortable right now they showing off, the feds aern’t having that, you making them look bad…….. .. pnews/?ID=5001

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in the United States has arrested 30 members of the self-named Black Mafia Family (BMF) and has seized over $3 million in money, a*sets, 2 ½ kilograms of cocaine and weapons.
The DEA labeled BMF a large-scale cocaine and money laundering operation operating in Detroit, Michigan, Columbus and Atlanta, Georgia, Los Angeles, California, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando Florida, St. Louis, Missouri, Greenville South Carolina and Louisville, Kentucky.
The DEA said prior to today’s arrests, they had already arrested 17 members and seized over 632 kilograms of cocaine, $5.3 million in money and $5.7 million in a*sets.
The DEA claims brothers Terry and Demetrius Flenory founded BMF, when they started selling crack during their high school years in the 1980’s.
The group expanded to other cities in the 1990’s and turned their organization into a multi-million dollar criminal enterprise, which operated in numerous cities.
“The BMF was a sophisticated drug smuggling and money laundering organization, led by brothers that operated in 11 U.S. states and had direct links to Mexico-based drug trafficking organizations,” said DEA Administrator Karen P. Tandy.
The DEA said BMF allegedly distributed thousands of kilos of cocaine and dealt at least 2,500 kilos out of Atlanta, BMF’s home base.
“For too many years, these drug dealers have poisoned our streets and cast shadows of fear across our communities. Today's arrests dismantle this drug mob and should significantly impact drug-related crime in the communities where the BMF operated," Tandy added.
DEA agents said BMF used hidden compartments in stretched limousines to transport drugs and money and some of their vehicles were equipped with special devices to produce air that would throw off drug-sniffing dogs.
The investigation started in October of 2003 and culminated with today’s arrests.
“The proceeds from the sale of illegal narcotics are funneled through the underground, untaxed economy. This impacts every law abiding, taxpaying citizen,” stated Nancy J. Jardini, IRS Chief of Criminal Investigation. “In this investigation, the IRS Criminal Investigators analyzed the monetary transactions to track the illegal proceeds of this drug trafficking organization, and the money trail lead to the individuals indicted today. When law enforcement agencies combine resources and expertise, we create a formidable force-the result of which you see today with the announcement of these indictments."

BMF Entertainment was working with Bleu DaVinci, a new and coming rapper, who released an album titled World Is BMF, which was nominated for a Source Award in 2004.