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True that Blinky Blink, who's one of Cam'ron's boys, saw Canibus at a party and knocked him out for some reason, Cam speaks on it in Take 'Em to Church ("Well let me fill you in, now it's a whole clan of us/Blink so mad, he went and beat up Canibus") n Bis never denied it.

Before the whole Canibus/LL beef popped off, Bis and L left messages for each other to try to talk it out; their label Def Jam kept them from receiving the messages and calls cuz they wanted the beef to happen, in order to sell records.

Ras Kass and Snoop Dogg used to meet up to battle in high school (I guess they went to the same one)

Buckshot said Dr. Dre hollered at him and the BCC cuz he wanted to work with some East Coasters right as he was leaving DR, but it never popped off and he ended up goin with the Firm instead

Rather known by now but Bizzy Bone was on America's Most Wanted as a 5-year-old, when he was kidnapped and sodomized (buttraped). This may have led to him leaving BTNH one of those times, he said Layzie or Wish was making fun of him about it.

Game said his father used to molest his (Game's) sister, the man's own daughter.

Not sure about this, but I heard the Dogg Pound snuffed Fat Joe in Cali onstage one time and Big Pun stood by.

Lady of Rage said 2Pac called her the "weakest link" in death Row cuz she refused to jump on the bandwagon and diss Bad Boy.

Canibus, Game, Erick Sermon and 50 Cent all sat down with Suge at different points in time, but nothing ever happened; Game also was in talks with Puff and Bad boy (he said this a couple of times, in songs and in interviews, before the Documentary dropped).

DMX's managers (Dee and Wah, who later started RR) went to Puff and Bad Boy, but dude said X was too raw. After "Get At Me Dog" dropped, Puffy came back asking about him but X said it was too late and declined him. Dee and Wah also negotiated with Suge and DR but they said it wasn't right.

While not doing anything on death Row, Crooked I was making a "lawyer's salary" ghostwriting, probably for some big names.

Marley Marl didn't want to record with, I think Kool G Rap, until someone (BDK?) said that dude wrote most of Biz Markie's sh*t.

 LBoogie2122 said
what i do kno is that why would you try to k*ll yourself.....& in the end only your eye ended up gettin fu*ked up, ever hear of that in ANY suicide case?
Yea when Bushwick Bill tried to do it in like early 90's/late 80's...same sh*t..but i do believe Huston was extorted tho

 48601 said
jaz-o went down south when the r.o.c. FIRST started he didnt move units came back to the NY asked jay to sign him jay refused...
Jaz didn't ask Jay to sign him but he used to come with beats for Jay and ask dude to appear on his projects, Jay just always brushed him off and apparently didn't wanna pay him the full amount for Jaz' appearance on n*gga What, n*gga who.

 BigL4Life said
They [Jay-Z and DMX] got a joint called "Blackout" on Flesh of my Flesh and those 2 and Ja Rule got a song on the soundtrack to Streets is Watching, called murdergram
Also Busta Rhymes got a track with Jay and X on Anarchy called Why We Die, and Mic Geronimo featured DMX, Jay and Ja on the track Time to Build on album The Natural.

I read on another forum that for the Cradle 2 the Grave soundtrack there was supposed to be a song with Jay-Z, DMX and Eminem on it--but Jay never showed. I read it from the guy that supposedly produced the beat and was in the studio with X and Em.

Easy Mo Bee said in XXL's Making of Ready to Die special, that he originally made Warning for Big Daddy Kane cuz he knew Kane liked Isaac Hayes samples and sh*t. But when he played the beat Kane said to skip it without even considering the track.

An unreleased version of the track "In Between Us" from Scarface's The Fix album, has Nas using some of the lines from Ether. He doesn't say the name but obviously the lines are meant to diss Jay-Z. Apparently Scarface got wind of it and had Nas change the verse cuz he's cool with Jay (Jay was on the album as well).

Ghostface k*llah said he was about to dead the beef with Biggie and offer to do a track when he heard homes got k*lled. That's why Ghost and Rae redid "n*ggas Bleed" into the "3 Bricks" track as a bonus cut for Fishscale.

The line "Life's a bi*ch but god forbid the bi*ch divorce me/I'll be flooded with ice so hellfire can't scorch me" from the It Was Written song Affirmative Action is a line that Cormega wrote and gave to Nas.

Before he worked with Guru, DJ Premier was DJing for ICP (that's right Insane Clown Posse) under another name.

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