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 stitch said
-Detroit rap group D12 (except Eminem) jumped local rappers Esham and TNT. It was D12 and allegedly 10+ members of their security which led to them all getting kicked off the Warped Tour.

-Eminem and ICP beef? Supposedly what Eminem said about running ICP out of a bar and shooting at their van with paintballs isn't true. Actually it's widely believed that's bullsh*t. When Eminem was a nobody back in Detroit he was giving out flyers for some lame a*s party and had a section called "Will show up. Maybe." and I.C.P. was on there. ICP didn't like this and told him they wouldn't show. Also Em never held a gun up to ICP. It was ICP's road manager.
ICP was there, eminem pulled a gun on them, they even admitted bein there