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Kanye West dissed Ras Kass. Kanye said in a German Rap magazine that Ras is a damn good lyricist, but he has sh*tty beats and doesn't sell good.

I forgot the name of that Geto Boys album, but it showed Bushwick Bill laying on an operation table covered with blood. People said they shot that picture then that broad shot him, but that is NOT true!
They reacted that hospital scene.

Jermaine Dupri wrote all of Bow Wow's songs, and still does.

Nas and Cornmega didn't get along because of Cornmega fronting about what he does in the hood.

The Def Squad was one of the first groups to be signed to Def Jam Records.

Eminem isn't orginally from the rough part of Detriot as orginally protrayed in 8mile. He traveled their by choice to rap.

P.diddy dislikes Styles P, and Jadakiss. Which is why, most of the time Sheek Louch begins a D Block track. P.diddy loves his style.

Joe Budden has a small beef with Jay-Z. But it never escalated.

People didn't know who 50 cent was even after "How to rob" came out. Jay Z put his name out inadvertandly at summer jam when he dissed 50 on "It's Hott".

Will Smith doesn't curse in his raps as a promise he made to his late grandma. Who found his first rhyme book filled with lyrics containing curses and the normal gangsta stuff.

One of the reasons Cam'ron hates Mase is because Mase was orginally gonna put him on until he went to atlanta to find god.

Out of all of State Property. The Young Gunz are from the roughest part of philly.

Lil Jon used to work on So-So Def.

Dr. Dre started off by producing for a boy band.

Suge Knight went to college on a football scholarship.

Lil Scrappy has been beaten up in the club and around Atlanta many times. Most of the time by women. ( I don't know what 50 sees in him...)

More coming by tomorrow..kinda late here and I still have to study something.

Oh, and Domination And Bang 'Em Smurf are still talking about 50 Cent..I got no clue what's right and what's not...I'm trying to find that magazine where they dissed him heavily.