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 PATHH88 said
Grimm was confined to a wheelchair in the mid 90's after being shot several times, one bullet exploded in his neck (if I recall correctly), before that he was running wild, literally. He also got paid for ghostwriting some of Da Chronic album, although he is not at liberty to say which tracks.

Ma$e left Harlem cos some Harlem heavy was beefing with him, started with someone's chain gettin yapped then it snowballed into something a lot deeper and ma$e got the fu*k outta dodge, dudes name was Baby something or other, I read all about it in Don Diva or Feds many years ago...although I am sure Jim Jones says it on some vid on YouTube as well....
Damn he wrote on the chronic , dude should have just been chill and working on raps. Sad he ended up being too wild but I guess that's just in some people's DNA. At least it could have been worse and he could have died so that is good that it at least happened to it how it did and not worse.

As for Mase yeah I found that out recently. Mase fu*ked Baby Maines girl or something and he had numbers in his head for that. Also cam stopped fu*king with him cause he asked for 50k and Cam ain't have it so he ain't show up. After that Mase went around saying he told Cam he was forced to charge him but once he took it out his budget he would split it fifty with him. Cam said that was false and I guess that rubbed him the wrong way.

On another note do you know if mf doom got his name from Mf Grimm?