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Jun 30 - Kanye West hating on Internet haters on BBC radio

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Kanye West hating on Internet haters on BBC radio

June 26 - Stop trying to download Late Registration bootleg tracks off Limewire! You won't find anything except for bedroom remixes of Diamonds from Sierra Leone.

Kanye drops a few exclusive track previews from his forthcoming album on BBC Westwood Radio 1. He also speaks on the success of the Diamonds video, the Rhymefest/Lupe/Jay-Z lyrics controversy, his faltering vocabulary, the lost Spaceships video, and goes on a 10+ minute tantrum about haters on the Internet.

I'm serious, dude drops the F-bomb on all internet haters and pretty much wishes you would all die. He then spits for a good 15+ minutes of unadulterated freestyle flows.

 Here's the link to the show. You can skip the first 5 minutes to get to the start of the interview.

Source: .. west_hati.html

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