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 Frankie Needles said
Humanity is one of the biggest oppressors in history, Christianity has nothing to do with it...
But to further my point if Christianity is one of the biggest oppressors in history would you also agree the Christianity is one of the biggest humanitarian forces in history ? or are you saying Good things that the church do don't count it's only the negative?
What humanitarian things do you speak of? I know plenty of things the church thinks they do for people but not sure what they really do to better their community. They might come together and do things for other church members but when they go out in public it's primarily to push their beliefs on others and convert them. My cousin did the whole mission work and all he did was go to China, act like a college kid eventhough they weren't, convert kids over there and then abandon them once they convert. Meanwhile the kid is now in a country that will disown you for having other beliefs and is now on their own Maybe I'll give you Habitat for Humanity or other programs like that but that's it. Even they are big on the religious side of it though.