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1.Young Buck- Burning bridges with 50 by dissing him after he was paying his taxes for him. Running to side with Ja Rule and Fat Joe wasn't a good idea either.

At least Game could hold his own. Buck just sank. 50 took that boy's manhood when he revealed him crying on the phone.

2. Juelz Santana- Poor work ethic and drug habit.

How u gonna let Wayne lapse you?

Juelz should have also stayed sober. Nowadays, he's looking like a fiend. Even Cam doesn't let drugs get in the way of making money.

3. Boosie-

He didn't capitalize off the first day out of prison. Dude waited until 2015 to put out a album at the most.

Plus Boosie may have turned people off with his interview about how Black folks are the worst race ever. I think Boosie's LGBT comments may have gotten him blacklisted as well.

At the end of the day, Boosie should have stayed working with Mouse On The Track. That was his sound.