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 GREAT1NE said
People wanna make this bigger then it is (and maybe there was a bounty on Pac & Suges head) but you stomp out a well connected crip... what you think gonna happen?
I believe that’s exactly what happened. Puff put out a hit on suge and pac after hit em up was released (if you were alive and old enough at the time you know how venomous it was and how it was received)

Orlando and his goons stomp out Trayvon lane and snatch the chain in Lakewood mall

Trayvon sees Orlando in the mgm tells pac, pac walks up to orlando…”you from the south?”…baow! Orlando is on the ground and everyone is stomping him out

Orlando meets up with his uncle and 2 others they go looking for pac and get lucky and shoot at him

Pac is dead on the 13th

Everyone knows what happened some people just make conspiracy theories and sh*t