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 MHP Trotty said
We can agree to disagree.

I feel that an actual strategic move from a LEADER would be to destroy his name, reputation, & legacy if you have an issue with him. To organize a hit on someone like that k*lls the man, but immortalizes his legacy which defeats the purpose of wanting him out the way. Now you see Wack & others make all sorts of allegations about Nip that even if they were true, the claims go absolutely nowhere because the legacy is so big.

Having been around gangs my whole life, thatís the kind of shortsighted thinking that dumb n*ggas fall victim to. You dealing with loser n*ggas 40+ still living with their mother or a bi*ch still repping the set & calling shots. An organized a*sassination & everybody get to court operating like they know how to play it is above their mental capacity.
I get what you're saying, and you make sense, I just don't believe the reason nip was k*lled because he called Eric holder a snitch

I hope the real story comes out but it probably won't