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 Proffesor X said
Breh there is more then enough evil going on in this country alone for you to just focus on over exaggerated theories on black entertainment because it bothers you to see so many successful and influential

Don't attempt to project your a*suming lame thoughts into my psyche. Jigga is and has been on my sh*t list for a long time now. You're the only one bothered because you chose to @ my profile. I know you look up to Jigga as a role model so it hurts you when I speak the ugly truth about the wicced n*gga.

Your idol is already dead he just has to leave his body. And for his words and rebellious nature he will suffer - and it's unfortunate that money and TV time = success to you. I love my Israelite brothers and sisters, but I hate blacc devils more than I hate anything else. So fucc'em til the end I know where he's headed: