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 BXoldestgoon said
Ernie not with Kaep so fu*k em. He one of them stand up during the anthem or you disrespectful dudes.
Cosign, MAGA Ernie is a lifelong Christian conservative republican so all these people pretending to be black online are inviting him to the cookout knowing he would never show up anywhere with that many black people unless he was being highly paid and he lets Shaq and Barkley tapdance shame themselves as the sellouts they are and Ernie collects all the trophys as people act like he is some classy guy who is being praised for keeping them in line and on track or something he just happened to get lucky to be on the set with some clowns who love to do and say anything to entertain non black people even if it is embarrassing and shows they have no self respect. Racists online saying Ernie gets the awards because he is the warden over that prison keeping them in line,bullsh*t.

Anytime something like Dylann Roof happens or Charlottesville happens Ernie just tells people to pray because he doesn't want to lose his racist fans and he agrees with most of the opinions of those racist white supremacists. Follow the money and be shocked at what organizations, politicians and defendants Ernie has donated his millions to. Thousands of black people praying for this old racist rich man because he was sick even though the millions he has made riding on that sellout barkleys back mean he can afford the best healthcare on earth but you better believe if the roles were reversed Ernie aint praying for none of those struggling check to check black people even if they are bootlicking a*s kissing spineless sellouts like barkley shaq and Stephen a smith.