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 Skratch said
His opinion, his observation, he makes it sound lie if your not a player you dont understand it, i bet there are actual players who dislike his style tho
Itís annoying. How valuable would the game be if there were no fans interested enough to watch?

He would have no job. Rules are changed to make sure fans are interested enough to watch.

If two n*ggas are f*ghting in an alley, there would be low blows all over.

But if u put them same ppl in a room with 2,000 ppl watching, the rules and terms of the f*ght would be specially taylored to the audience.

Sports is a natural progression of the things we value as a culture. Thatís why media and fans are just as important as the players.

I donít like the rockets because theyíre constantly on the wrong side of the gimmicky/innovative line.