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 Novii said
Iím sorry, is something wrong with changing your opinion after being proposed another one? sh*t happens everyday in politics and religion (not to mention since the civil rights movement with Martin Luther changing the minds of millions of white people). I know what you were TRYING to say, but it still doesnít make sense. If you have an opinion and someone presents another opinion based on a view or information you donít/didnít have, you now have more information about the opinion presented which in a lot of cases may change your own.

With that said, Iíve never given my opinion or stance on this. And if I did, Iíd stand behind it like it was your girl.

Itís always the ignant Bozo a*s ďWokeĒ n*ggas that sounds dumb af tryna play smart

You hate to see it

That's a cute way to say u don't have a mind of ur own