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 Bronx Sasquatch said
Straight checked wack and his two lil hos
got a fu*kin lingerie ig model blood and and half a f*g cotton soft cosmetology school crip
dancin in vids like a f*g**t with his pants down to his knees like he sisqo in the thong song video

two industry bustas gettin extorted by a old a*s gangsta from the 80s turned truck driver

them two scary bi*ch a*s n*ggas aint gonna say sh*t to wack or anybody else

fu*king fraud game was riding around with his phone on record for his followers dropping tears on cam acting like he just couldnt take nip gettin k*lled and was ready to put that work in him self the day he got k*lled
all them bubble bath poems on ig to nip lookin for attention
got a blue car with nips face on it
all types of d*ck ridin nips name for his own gain

But his own manager the only one running his ashy a*s lips talking down on nip sounding like some old bitter bi*ch n*gga jealous cause his artists aint never gonna get the respect nip got

n*ggas in cali dont fu*k with that bi*ch game like that dont let these suburban gangsta groupies on boxden fool you
aint no real n*ggas bumpin game on the west like that they know he a sucka a*s rap n*gga