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 OnlyFactz100 said
Ok so Kerr can get in as a coach for the championship runs he's had with Steph/Klay/Draymond/KD but Horry can't get in because he had Hakeem/Shaq/Kobe/Duncan/Robinson as teammates?

By your logic aren't they equivalent to each other in their respective fields?
No if horry was a coach u would have a argument yíall tryna put him in as a player cause he got carried and made a shot he ainít make seven game winning shots he didnít win finals mvp he was no X factor Kerr ainít getting in as a player he got 5 as a player but Kerr ainít the reason them teams won u can say that he didnít contribute as a coach but itís a lot of coaches that didnít coach the team and got in in horry career what can justify him going in where is his stats all nba all star team appearances