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 LBoogie2122 said
add Bow Wow to the list of robbery victims. remember that mickey mouse chain that jermaine dupri gave him? SNATCH!! haha!

anybody saw his new album cover :thumbsdow :thumbsdow :thumbsdow

/yoda/gangster,he is not/yoda/

Ice Cube as well. He got beat for one of those "W" chains supposedly by someone from the Soul a*sassins camp when him and B-Real were beefin.

^^^^^^^this is true, cube got beaten by guy named SOLO who took his watch(golden rolex) and W chain,which b-real afterwards showed in front of the ppl on cypress live performance. also tru lifes crew has beaten couple of mobb deeps crew, pistol whipped them stripped them nekkid and ran tha fu*k out of the studio and all in front of the dj muggs and gza from wu who were at the gunpoint at the time. good thread yo!! :applause: :D
Tru Life aint that crazy. He didnt touch GZA or Muggs, somebody already posted this one of the earlier posts.