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 ItsYaboyJay said
If you flip/reverse/play backwards the Intro track to Jay-Z's "Grey Album" created by DJ Danger Mouse it says "6-6-6, Murda Murda Jesus"

I don't know if this was Jay-Z's idea, or DJ Danger Mouse Piecing Samples Of Jay-Z's lyrics together but whatever in the f*ck it is that sh*t is f*cked up.

Everybody in this thread Should Go Out And Buy This Movie Called "The Truth Behind Hip-Hop" it's three volumes, that sh*t will trip you the f*ck OUT, it's real deep sh*t!

is the link
exministries is on some other stuff.. they dont know the history of hiphop and they are legalistic. Lets get real... Jay-Z isn't a devil worshipper or a mason.. Danger Mouse did the grey album and u played it in reverse?? That's not hard to do because things are digital. Anything can happen when put in digital. So thats total b.s. and exministries is soon to be dismantled. TRUE STORY because some gospel singer was gonna sue them for slanderous accusations!