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wow lmao, found this in a reproduction of my thread

 LBoogie2122 said
Main Source (sans Large Pro) ran up in the Wild Pitch offices with machetes looking to behe*d MC Serch (then working as an A&R for the label) after a West Coast promotional tour went sour. MC Serch got wind that they were coming and escaped by crawling over the partial walls for his office and jetting out the back door.

 dime said
Let's go straight to the man himself to get the real deal - (I know Serch from his radio promotion company - he's semi-active on a message board I host)


 MC Serch said
Thanks for the memory. Here are the facts. Yes I ran Wild Pitch and was the VP fro two years and A&Red both the OC classic "Times UP" and the Coup "Genocide and Juice". Main Source ran up with a lot of weapons while my pregnant wife was visiting me. THe reason they ran up is that while doing a promo run in LA with the Main Source, we went to a live performance and some dude was outside with a sawed off trying to rob the DJ for the night. When we got back those dudes thought that I put out a hit on them. they kick in my office door and start trying to bogart. I did not escape throught no back starcase but looked over my half wall to see what was up. It was an ugly event and basically was the last day that the group was on the label. Wild Pitch made some grreat music but was doomed based on the deal they had between themselves and EMI. I never ran from them dudes and I never would. My wife and I look at those days as another part of education in this business

As for Eric B. that makes perfect sense. I would see him just standing there literally behind the turntables and didnt even pretend to scratch. I knew the jig was up then. Here's a rumour I didnt see: A friend of mine swore he saw Rakim snorting cocaine at a party in DC back in da early 90's. When I told him Rakim was a Five Percenter he was shocked.

Jaz-O was a Muslim back in the early 90's with the Ansaars. Remember his video "The Originators" So it made perfect sense he would B selling incense at the time.