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jo blak 
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True Fact:

A Member from Bump J crew "The Goon Squad" was responsible for snatchin buck's chain. Watch The Raw repot DVD with Game on the front cover.

Bump J Claims to Go By the name gorilla unit before fifty but was an independant artist so fifty got it first.

It's rumored that saigon had unknown beef with members of junior mafia Bacc in the days.In a freestyle on Kay slay Show a while bac saigon raps "Snatch lil bow wow crush his lil frame/Fucc Lil cease da n*ggaz a lil lame"

Alchemist was Jumped by littles and members in his entorauge at a nightclub while Djing.Alchemist sold a beat to littles and then ended up selling the same beat to prodigy.

Rappers Gravy and Maino has had an ongoing beat for a while now.This beef lead to Dirty Money CEO, Fendi, getting dropped.For those who don't know what drop means, it means knocced out.Real Talk

Tru-Life and crew robbed members of The Infamous Mobb By making them strip and putting shotgun barrels in they mouths.Dj Muggs, Alchemist, and gza was present but did not get robbed.WOW.Das Gangsta

Shyne was living what he spoke.It is rumored that he has caught bodies and caught an a*sault charge in the early 90's for Jumping somebody half to death on a basketball court in Brooklyn.

The rapper u know as The notorious b.i.g. carrer could've been delayed when he, lil cease and D-roc had to take the rap on a gun charge.D-roc ended up taking the wrap and serving some time.

Rapper Maino is another Gully cat. When He was 15 he caught a kidnapping charge and served ten years in the bing.

Red Cafe's Bling- Blaow money ain't from rap. Ima leave it at that.

It is rumored, Game's manager Jimmy Henchman is responsible for Tupac's death. I read this on rumor section 1 time

Mines iz real everythin signed and sealed - What'cha Life Like - Beanie Sigel:applause: Give a n*gga some props