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(13)on that skit on ready to die with BIG and lil kim were she was yelling crazy sh*t like"you kentucky fried chicken eating butter biscuit mothaf*cka" they were supposedly fu*king....they really were.the producer easy mo bee said big told him and the engineers to tape newspaper all over the booths window and kim and big went in there and did their one point some newspaper slid off the booth and an engineer caught kim's legs in the air and a crazy look at big's mount rushmore crack easy mo bee fell off his studio chair laughing and they finished the skit and it now a classic.....1.....

damn i got crazy more but my break is over .........1
easy moe bee said that they used chairs and sh*t to create that sound...

He said they werent really fu*kin and that big told kim to go all out dissin him... It took them a lot of cuts too.

I read this in XXL mag.