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Irv Gotti produce ''Used Too Be My Dog" for DMX but he had no clue, he was gonna diss ja-rule.

Ja-Rule purposely grew his braids to avoid DMX comparison.

Jay-Z charged 750k for his song on the blue streak sound track.

No one at Def Jam was convinced DMX was a star. His barking & growling turned everyone off. And his video for ''get @ me dog" pissed off Tina Davis (a rep for the label) She cursed out irv for wasting the budget.

Dame Dash wasn't keen on DMX either. When he first saw him perform irv, lyor & him were going in lyor's car. For x's whole performance lyor was stone faced. When it was the 3 of them irv & lyor reacted in excitement...Dame replies

Ya'll think that's hot? Nobody wants to hear that. n*ggas wanna be like Jay. That n*gga sounds depressed.
Nas wasn't too fond of Pharrell when N.O.R.E introduced him. Because his shirt was too tight.

L.E.S. & Nas wrote/produced "Welcome To Miami"

That song is also the theme for miami.

Jermaine Dupri was so aww struck by Biggie & Jay-Z not writing their lyrics, he officially stopped writing his lyrics after money ain't a thing.

Money Ain't A Thing was also produced at jermanie's mother house.

50 has a thyroid condition hence why he puts on weight fast.

JD had the chance to sign ludacris & nelly.

Nas passed on We Gonna Make It & Alchemist was actually afraid to play the beat for DJ Premier. Because he used a clap instead of snare.

DMX actually performed for Lyor with his jaw wired shut prior to his offcial signing. In fact, he rapped so intensely & agressively during the freestyle the wires holding his jaw became unraveled by the time he was done.

RZA actually saved method man's life prior to their fame. RZA saw him going to the weed spot & begged him to come lay down a verse. Method Man, at the time, wasn't taking music serious. Eventually he convinced him to come along. That same night method man went to the same weed spot & heard someone he was close with k*lled.

Ja-Rule & Irv got a Tupac Sample from Suge Knight for free.