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Cam vs. Jay-Z has begun

Cam'ron feat. JR Writer and Lil Wayne - Bird Call Lyrics:

Same ol' cat, get his Kangol clapped /
Brains go back, dissin Dame & Dame don't rap
Shame on Black, the game's so wack...Dame sent your children...
From in front of yo' buildin, right to a hundred million

Dead pimpin, pimpin' / Dead actin doggy /
Get ya lip off pimpin' / If they actin froggy....
Tell em back up off me, I come down and clap a .40 /
Cal (40), that's a better story, I'm back in my category
Mess around, Dame held Def Jam down /
Supportin' my back, I'm dappin him, left hand pounds

cannot wait to see this. truly should be great, i like cam alot(no homo) prob even more than i like jay-z. hope somethin goes down at jay's concert to make if official, but dont want to see violent beef, just musical... the game needs it right now.

leave your thoughts

p.s with Jay-z President of Def Jam, where does that put Dame?