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during a trip to the the old neighborhood, a man approaches memphis bleek, thinking it was a fan, he didnt think nothing of it, dude clapped him dead in his mouf & bleek was so stunned that he ran back to the whip with his hand on his mouf, a little later a team of big body black benzes rolled up & starten lightin sh*t up

i never said memph was puss

according to a thoro n*gga i crossed paths with awhile ago, shyne is one of the most realest dudes in wrap

this cat sold drugs major & does have bodies under his belt, the life off his 1st LP is supposed to be very true minus a few exaggerations

jay spit this line in a track subliminally talking about 'pacs murder props to who can name that song

"while u at home screaming the f*ghts on, i'm in the fifteen hundred dollar seats watching Tyson, SAME NIGHT SAME f*ght, but one of us cats aint playin right, i'll let you tell it"

styles p wanted to fu*k up eminem because of the whole n*gger fiasco & almost did it while em was recording a track for jada's album

its rumored eminem trained with lennox lewis trainer

as if you didnt kno, nelly has the cokenose

lil kim suffers from low self esteem partly because biggie used to verbally & physically abuse her

the gotti kids(jerkoffs) once dissed lil kim so bad about her surgery, she ran out of the gotti mansion crying

Loons from a legendary family of harlem hustlers, so the only cats who diss him are the ones that have no clue he could merk your whole family

mariah carey is the token industry wh*re, rumors of everybody from 50 cent & eminem to puffy & mase have passed that a*s around like a peacepipe

charlie baltimore sucked irv gotti's d*ck to get signed, this is her main talent & is the reason she's famous

needless to say, mouth skills are common so the bi*ch was dropped months later

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