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Yung Chance 
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idk how i came across this but i got some sh*t

The 50 and Ja beef is probably the deepest ever.It supposedly starts from Irv's affiliation with supreme,who is rumored to havehad a hand in the death of 50 mom and supposedly is 50s estrannged dad.check the resemblances

Meek Mill was beat up by rapper Joey Jihad and his crew and ran away and thats what led to him being at the radio station the day ross had touched down in philly and cosigned him which led to the mmg deal

^^this i can go more detail in but i dont live in philly or talk on that no more so ill just let sh*t be

the supposed stevie j and joseline s*xtape is out there,just not being shopped heavily

Eminem and 50 Cent recorded a song called The Re-UP where there both dissing The Game but eminem distorted his lyrics in his verse so you cant clearly make out the diss but his whole verse is aimed towards a reconciliation between game and 50

Theres pictures of a young lil reese and lil jay with the g-unit chain that was snatched from buck in chicago